Final update for this post: GreenZap are now back online. Hooray! See the latest information on GreenZap.

A competitor to Paypal has stepped up to the plate. Called GreenZap, they are rewarding people that sign up to their service with $25 in their account when the service goes live this June 15th. Over the years, Paypal has been stepping on a lot of toes, with a near strangle-hold on handling online payments, and many people have been avoiding Paypal as a result.

GreenZap looks like it could be a good alternative, allowing you to send and receive money, as well as purchase goods and services online. Signing up doesn’t currently require any credit card or bank information, just name, address, email, and your own promo code.

Update: Thousands of people been coming here from Google, so I thought I’d mention there is an update in the comments on why GreenZap is down at the moment. Keep checking back here, and I’ll have an update when the site is back up.

Update 2: Just got this in email from GreenZap:

As previously mentioned, we are installing new servers, which are near completion. Our expectation is to have the site back up for Pre-Registration by Wednesday, April 13, 2005.

Update 3: Another update from GreenZap just came in:

Rather than install a temporary solution, Dell and Cisco are assisting us in building a very robust, expandable system to grow as our community does. As a result, it has taken a little more time than initially expected.

We expect the final pieces of our systems to be completed by tomorrow, at which time we will make the site available.

Once available, you will notice some additions, including (i) a contact us page, (ii) an FAQ section and (iii) an area for news and recent press releases.