Month: March 2005

Song of the Week – Ode to L.A.

This is a fantastic song that I can’t get enough of. I won’t describe much about it; instead I’ll direct you to this Teaching The Indie Kids to Dance Again post which explains the song a lot better than I could. I’d love to hear this style of music become big again.

Online Poker, Viagra, Mortgage, & Debt

Online Poker Holdem Poker Poker Don’t worry, it’s not spam, but a way to fight the spammers. See this Slashdot article for more info. The comment spammers have been attacking GB over this, but none of it is getting through. It’s quite hilarious, really.

Code|Reality – Creative Stories By Gamers

When 3DGPU was down briefly last weekend, I linked to Code|Reality as a way to get some feedback on the site. Now we’re officially opening it up to the public. Code|Reality is a creative outlet that aims to present games in a new light by creating a story around them in the perspective of the…


GeekFury are doing something interesting to promote their new company, which sells merchandise oriented towards computer geeks. They’re asking bloggers to market about their store, in exchange for free stickers, in hopes of getting their name out. I’m not sure if it’s even been directly requested before, but the results should prove intriguing. Not only…