My roommate, known as R, and I have grown real close over the years, and I have grown to love her family as my own. The day I met her mom, we’ll call her C, has welcomed me and told me that I am a part of her family. She has done nothing but made me feel a part of her family.

C has done something right, because both her son and daughter are what I consider, true angels on earth. They are kind, loving, caring, and generous. They’re understanding, open, and as a result have a plethora of friends. C deserves untold amount of respect and recognition for the amazing job she has done as a mother.

R also has a really fantastic brother, we’ll call him S. S is the kind of man who, if I could choose to be like anyone, it’d be him. If I become even half of what he is, I would know I lived a very good life. He is insanely smart, he has gone to medical school and also studying fusion energy. and he tells the most amazing stories of his life that you could ever imagine. He is the kind of man that anyone within 10 feet of him feels his aura and feels like a better person. I’ve never met someone like that in my life.

He has a daughter, we’ll call her L, who is just as amazing as her father is. I don’t know how they do it, but this family knows how to raise a child into a honest, wholesome adult. L is what many would consider the perfect example of how to raise a child. She’s considerate, loves helping the underprivileged, and has the same aura her father has, giving her the ability to have everyone around her love her and want to know her. What makes it even more amazing is that she has found the perfect husband and friend, a real soul-mate, and they just make the perfect couple. He is as nice as she is, and works as a physical therapist.

As for my roommate, R, I could write a book about how awesome she is. She balances me out, she complements me as a person. She teaches me things I could never teach myself, and has shown me a better path in life when I needed it the most. I was so down-in-the-dirt, so negative, so spiteful of life, that it is a testimony of her will, kindness, and love that she has turned me into a better person. She has taught me to love life, to see beauty in many things, and to be more understanding. She has made me more intelligent, and always encourages me to live my life, pursue my passions, and never let anyone get me down.

Her mom, C, is very ill. She’s very weak, and they feel that she may not have very long to live if her state continues like this. We all hope for the best, but they are prepared. This all prompted me to write this. I begin to think how painful it is for me to see the family hurt over C’s condition. I realized how much this family means to me, how truly special they are, and how fortunate I am to be a part of their lives. The whole family are devout Christians, and have an amazingly close connection with God.

I can’t say they are my family, because I do have a family who has raised me, but my family is different. They don’t have the amazing qualities of this family. They seem stiff by comparison. I feel more natural and loved by my second family. It’s a realization that hurts a little, too. I have an aunt, J, who I love dearly and, like me, is a bit of a black sheep with our own family.

I am the last remaining male descendent of the Burris family. If I have kids, and I hope I do someday, I can start over with my family, and make it better. I have the perfect blueprint on how to raise a family, and how I would like it to become. My second family gave me a priceless gift, and I love each one of them, very much.