When 3DGPU was down briefly last weekend, I linked to Code|Reality as a way to get some feedback on the site. Now we’re officially opening it up to the public. Code|Reality is a creative outlet that aims to present games in a new light by creating a story around them in the perspective of the gamer.

The site started out of appreciation towards a new movement, called New Gaming Journalism (NGJ). We welcome anyone to join and submit a draft of their story to be posted on Code|Reality.

Today we have two new stories, one from electragician, where he chronicles his adventures in World of Warcraft. The second is from Johne “Phy” Cook that talks about Warcraft 3 and moral questions involving having a son in a questionable clan. Both are very excellent reading, and represent what Code|Reality is all about. So head on over, bookmark the site, read the stories, and let us know what you think.

Update: This project has been scrapped.