For every commercial software you can’t afford, or don’t want to spend money on, there are free software out there that are equal, and in most cases, better than their paid counterparts.

No, I’m not talking about illegally downloaded programs, I’m talking about freeware (or as some like to call them, pricelessware.) There are a couple of new sites where you can find out where the good freeware programs are at. There’s The 36 Best Free Utilities for your Computer (Apple and Windows) and then there’s the new online magazine, Free Software Magazine.

Some other great sites for freeware:

  • TinyApps – All the software that can fit on a simple floppy.
  • Clean Software – Software with no adware or spyware, and are simply clean and free.
  • Pricelessware – All the best freeware voted by free software geeks.