Okay, I lied, I decided to change the layout entirely, although the color scheme and some presentation remains the same. Thus I dub this revision of goodblimey.com as 2.5. The major change I made was highlighting what I’m listening to with a larger album cover. Since music is a big part of my life, why not emphasize it in my design?

A couple of changes, as you may have noticed. The sidebar is now on the right, before it was on the left. No particular reason for this, just thought I’d keep you on your toes.

The other change is the addition of the awesome Now Playing section in the sidebar, that shows you what’s playing at the moment on my iPod or iTunes. If it doesn’t change, then I have it on pause. If nothing shows up, then that means either my computer is down or iTunes isn’t running.

This is a neat way for you to see what is currently being piped into my ears the moment you visit the site. Oh, and if you buy the album on Amazon, or the song on iTunes, I get a commission, so that’s a nice bonus. Click the ? link for info on the plugin.