Month: January 2005

Song of the Week – Smelling Cigarettes

This Song of the Week was a difficult one to choose, not amongst different artists, but amongst the many great songs by The Fiery Furnaces. I finally settled on Smelling Cigarettes, because it emphasized their great songwriting, which can be both sharply witty to starkly whimsical at the same time, and great rhythm. The best…

The Growth of Wikipes

When I had bought the domain for, I was really excited and felt it was a really good idea. The name fitted well, the idea of an open-source recipe database is natural, and the design I had pictured in my head was just right. As I was putting the site together, my excitement grew…

Tuner2 – Quality Internet Stations

A great site for anyone that likes internet radio is Tuner 2, which filters out the cream from the crap, and give you the best stations to listen to. Using the AACplus codec (available in the latest Winamp), you get CD quality music at half the bandwidth. One of the stations that is a big…

Brian The Geek

He claims he’s a geek, but he now owns a bright-red minivan, so he’ll have to hand over his Geek card now. Brian is a long-time friend who works with me on, and is finally getting into blogging. So head on over and visit his newly dusted blog at