I’ve seen a mother cry
I’ve lived on the streets
I’ve lost a best friend
I’ve learned a new language
I’ve played the best game ever
I’ve held my breath for 3 minutes
I’ve jumped off a roof
I’ve been through 3 hurricanes in 1 month
I’ve seen a dead rat
I’ve dreamed of being born
I’ve jumped on a waterbed
I’ve danced to Vanilla Ice’s rap
I’ve seen the Pacific and Atlantic oceans
I’ve watched Korean films
I’ve held twins siblings in my arms
I’ve only been in 1 fight
I’ve eaten sushi and liked it
I’ve skipped an Algebra class for a whole year
I’ve been teaching myself how to cook good food
I’ve built my own computer from scratch
I’ve had my shoelaces taken away
I’ve had a gun fired next to my head
I’ve tripped on acid during a concert
I’ve won an iPod for free
I’ve been kicked in the nuts for no reason

I’ve asked all the right questions at the wrong time
I’ve saved my own life many times
I’ve discovered experience is nice to have