Month: December 2004

Best Albums From Best Albums Lists All Over

I love the end of the year. Especially on the internet, when bloggers and magazines alike put out their Best of Year lists; ranging from music, movies, TV shows, and more. I like to take this opportunity to discover artists I somehow missed all year, and relish the new-found talents. So here’s my Best Of…

Beatles Mashup 40 Song Mix

I love creative music; examples would be the Beatallica guys. They combined Beatles song and gave it a Metallica flair. Now someone from Sweden has taken 40 Beatles song and put them together in one song that is a mashup of pure brilliance. It’s very impressive, and worth a listen.

Mozilla Firefox Gifts For Christmas

Yesterday I got a Firefox mug, poster, and plushie toy purchased from the Mozilla Store. I’m a big fan of the Mozilla Firefox browser, as you may know. Here’s the thing, I don’t know if it’s a Secret Santa gift from someone at the 3DGPU forums (we do a secret santa thing to exchange gifts),…

Snow? What’s That?

Odd, it never snows down here in Florida, but it snows on my webpage? Does that mean I actually have to buy a parka and shovel now?