Month: November 2004

I Dream Of Tangerines

Ambient Nights is a collection of ambient mixes that are not only superb, but refreshing. If you ever wanted to relax, to be taken on a journey, to reflect, to be uplifted, Ambient Nights is the ticket. To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the project, a new mix has been released, called My Dreams…

Burned English Muffins

I was woken up by the dog this Sunday morning, early by my definitions. She nudged me awake with her nose. Immediately I smelled something burning. My roommate burned an english muffin. How can you burn an english muffin? I hate the smell of burnt food. It should be against the law to burn food.

Sony Really Does Suck

If you haven’t yet, read about my Sony (mis)adventures with their so-called customer support when my 27″ Sony WEGA TV decides to hardly work for me. Sony finally got me a new TV to replace the old flaky one, which died again 3 days ago, and wouldn’t turn back on. It took them months to…

Emotions And Control

It’s weird how sometimes you feel like you’re in full control of yourself, but when you hear the words from someone, the way they say it, the facial expressions subtly changing, and reaction from the body such as tears in the eyes, and runny noses, and suddenly you have no control over your emotions. Even…