Month: November 2004

My Family Wants Me Dead

I’ve come to realize that many times someone in my family has nearly killed me. I’ve had numerous brushes with Death. The Grim Reaper and I are on a first-name basis. Here are the list of things that nearly killed me in chronological order: <5 years old – Mom sets me down next to the…

Designtopia To Be Killed

It was more a “put your toe in the water” kind of thing for me with Designtopia was supposed to be an easy way for me to freelance my web design skills to anyone that needed my services, but it turned out to be more of a headache than a financial relief. Trying to…

Halo 2?

I have only one thing to say about Halo 2 and playing a FPS on a console. Yay for aggressive auto-aim! November 16th is officially dubbed “Feel Sorry For Console Gamers Playing A FPS Day.”

Firefox 1.0 Launch Day

I made a post over at � Firefox 1.0 Launch Day with details about the public final release of Firefox 1.0. The post includes resources you may find useful, tips and tricks, and local download mirrors in case the official site is swamped. Firefox is the browser to use if you want a great…