Not much going on with me, I seem to be at a lull in my life or something. I did vote, so there’s that, at least. I was able to get my computer to where I wanted. Although I did lose hours of work when important Windows files got corrupted, and I had to reinstall XP and figure out that I pushed the memory too hard. The problem with being a hardcore PC gamer, is that it’s never enough.

I’ve been listening and enjoying my iPod a lot. I take it everywhere with me, and I especially enjoy it when I’m cutting up vegetables and cooking meals. Don’t worry, I’ve never cut myself, don’t suspect I ever will. I’m a gamer, remember? Hand-eye coordination up the wazoo over here. If the iPod was water-proof, I’d take it in the shower with me. That way I’d have an excuse to sing the Kung Fu Fighting song, complete with authentic ninja jump kick (thank goodness for rubber mats.)

Speaking of the iPod, the roommate got her’s the other day and so far she’s loving it. It ain’t her grandma’s transistor radio, that’s for sure. That deal really worked out nice.