Tomorrow marks a week since my mom has been in the hospital. She submitted herself when she discovered her skin was jaundiced (yellow), as well as the whites of her eyes. It turned out that she has gallstones, and they are blocking a tract where waste leaves the body. They will have to perform surgery on her, and remove her gall bladder, along with the stone. They also intend on doing a biopsy on her liver.

What broke my heart was hearing how they put her on an I.V. diet because she complained her stomach was hurting her. Trying to find tasty food has been futile. She said she broke down crying when she saw the regular menu that she can’t have had pancakes on it with syrup. She has been eating a clear broth that tasted nasty, jello, and occasionally drinking ice tea. While talking to her on the phone, a nurse walked in and my mom heard that they were giving out sweet italian ice, and she really, really wanted some. Just hearing the desperation in her voice made me cry. I can’t bear to hear my mom in pain and misery.

The worst part is that she’s so far away. I wish I could be there to give her support and love, and I have to settle on letting her hear my voice and tell her how much I love her. I’m just not used to having my mom in a hospital, it has been a rare thing in my life. I’m thankful for that much, at least.