My whole body feels like it has been through a grinder, every bone aches, every muscle is sore, I’ve had a headache for the past 3 days, and I’m not getting enough sleep. Cleaning up the mess Hurricane Frances created has become a much more difficult task than I anticipated. Today we removed the soggy, and fungus-ridden ceiling tiles and the insulation material. Dirt and pebbles fell, along with roaches, ants, and a very nasty decayed dead squirrel that looks like it has been up there rotting away for years.

Then we removed the soggy nasty green carpet and the cushionary material underneath, and it stank to high heaven of mildew and mold. When I try to sit down and rest, I’m just reminded of how sore I am, and how rank I smell. So I try to keep moving. Taking showers isn’t enough to get rid of the horrible feelings I’m experiencing the past two weeks. I hope to never go through this again. Ever.

To add insult to injury, FEMA only gave us $7,000 to repair the damage, which is nowhere near enough to get even half of it done. I woke up this morning to my new 27″ Sony WEGA TV not working at all, it has worked less than 24 hours, thus it is DOA. Can life possibly get any worse? I’m afraid to answer that.