I installed the new Yahoo Messenger 6.0 instant messaging client, and even though I chose custom installation, and removed the optional components to prevent Yahoo from taking over my computer, it still hijacked my computer. How, you ask? I’m glad you asked; here are a list of things Yahoo Messenger 6.0 has done to my computer without my permission:

  • Put “Email with Yahoo!” in the context menu (right click an icon to see it)
  • Put links to Yahoo and Yahoo Mail in my Internet Explorer Favorites
  • Put Launch.com in my Start Menu
  • Put links in the My Photos, My Music, and My Videos folders in both my user account and shared files
  • Installed external files, Yahoo Address Autocomplete, Yahoo Messenger Toolbar, and Yahoo Mail, all which I had to remove via Add/Remove Programs

Now if I were to contact a Yahoo representative and ask him why their program hijacks my computer without my consent, he would likely respond, “Yahoo Messenger 6.0 is a revolutionary product, and it is free. To keep it free, we have to bombard you with marketting. I’m sure you understand.”

No siree, I don’t understand, and I won’t understand. The reason? Trillian – offers a free IM client that does better than Yahoo Messenger, AIM, MSN Messenger, and ICQ all combined. No ads, no bloat, and supports everything all the other IM clients does, without hijacking my computer. Yahoo does this to outmanuever AOL and Microsoft. Don’t get caught up in their corporate tug of war and allow your computer to get hijacked.

The only reason why I installed Yahoo Messenger 6.0 was to use it’s webcam function, but since Trillian’s works just as well, I’ll just uninstall Yahoo Messenger 6.0, and I suggest you do the same and grab Trillian instead. You don’t have to thank me.