Month: July 2004

Cats: Stupid Or Intelligent?

There are times when my cat, Charcoal, displays amazing intelligence, like when she takes care not to step on my hair while walking around my pillow after I lay down to go to sleep. Then she goes off and do something utterly stupid, like roll around on a huge ant hill. Stupid bloody cat.

Where The Bleep! Are The Balloons?

This year’s Democratic National Convention won’t remember strippers, or 3 Purple Hearts, or bottles of ketchup, but rather balloons. In fact, falling *bleep* balloons! Or the lack thereof. Drudge Report has the full transcript of Kerry’s speech tonight, in case you didn’t hear it.

Shure Earphones Returned

You may remember on March 3rd, I posted that I bought these $110 earphones from Shure, the E2c model. Nearly 4 months later, I posted that the casing on the right earphone had broken. Last week, I mailed it off to them with the 2-year warranty to have it repaired. Well today I got the…

Busting Berry’s Music

Reading this article about the way the RIAA are conducting their witchunt these days just makes the hair on my neck bristle. This is so wrong on so many levels, it’s sickening, especially since the RIAA are getting away with their Nazi-like tactics. “Alan and Andy Berry, owners of Berry’s Music stores, saw their nine-month…