The Shure E2C earphones that I ordered and received 3 months ago on March 3rd, has had one of the casings on the right side break. I have treated it well; never dropped it, stepped on it, or anything like that. Just one time I went to take it out of my ears, and the casing just split apart. The earphones still work, they function, but for how long in its current state? Who knows.

I really love these earphones, and it’s disappointing and frustrating to say the least. One expects that if they pay $110 for earphones, they would last for a long time (perhaps even butter your toast, too.) Long ago I purchased a cheap Sony brand earphones at Walmart for $10. They’ve lasted for over 4 years, and it still works to this day. While vastly inferior in sound quality to the Shure E2C earphones, the casing is solid as a rock.

So it looks like I have to return the earphones and have them either send me a new one, or repair the current one. I’m apprehensive, because I use these earphones everyday, multiple times through the day; to listen to music, to watch movies, and to play games. If they take a long time to fix it and return a fixed earphone, I’m going to be even more disappointed.

Sigh … what can one do? :(