As an extension to the Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer post, here’s a revisit to the topic by a security expert at SecurityFocus:

“The latest version of IE is 6, and it has certainly accumulated an impressive record of holes: 153 since 18 April 2001, according to the SecurityFocus Vulnerabilities Archive. There have been some real doozies in there. For instance, last August, Microsoft issued a patch that fixed a hole that the company described this way: “It could be possible for an attacker who exploited this vulnerability to run arbitrary code on a user’s system. If a user visited an attacker’s Web site, it would be possible for the attacker to exploit this vulnerability without any other user action.” Oh, is that all? Well, that’s super – simply visit a Web page, and you’re 0//N3d, d00d! “

The solution? Use a much better browser – Mozilla Firefox.