For a few years, good rock and roll from my generation was a rarity. Then the White Stripes became popular, and Coldplay made the piano cool again, and The Darkness showed that glam rock is great still. Now we have a rock revival that I’m excited to see unfold. It looks like the L.A. music scene is coming up with some awesome raw new talent, and I can’t wait to hear them. The L.A. Weekly has an article about some young up-and-coming talents that you should keep an eye out for. I’ve already heard about the all-female punk trio, The Like, and they have garnered some positive praises already.

I’ve found where you can download a few The Mean Reds songs, and they are really great. Especially check out Tasty Rhythm Man. You can also check out Say Anything and hear some tunes at their official website. You can check out Wires On Fires at their official website, and hear a single song. The others I can’t find a site for, or a song. In the links section to the right, under Music, you’ll find Pure Volume, an excellent site to check out some great music from bands you likely haven’t heard about yet.