Jeffrey Veen has a great post about driving in the motorcade with John Kerry’s wife, and the Secret Service tagging along, thus allowing them to speed and break most traffic laws. It’s hilarious when he tells the part about how a young punk tried to cut the motorcade off in his sports car.

“The plane rolled up to our motorcade, the candidate’s wife and all her people dashed into various vehicles, and we all sped off onto the freeway. It was a blast. Although we didn’t have a police escort, we really didn’t bother obeying many traffic laws, either. The dark Town Car and Suburban of the Secret Service would flash their hidden police lights and tear across the lanes of traffic. And I hung on at the end of the line driving as fast as I could. Apparently the staff is quite used to this, as they kept encouraging me to drive faster, faster, faster. We were having a lot of fun.”

That phrase, “Noone is above the law”? Absolutely wrong.