A release candidate (meaning not totally final) has been made available of the Mozilla Firefox 0.9 browser. I just grabbed it and have been using it for about 20 minutes. You may remember I recently made a post about the new Firefox look, and while it isn’t as bad I expected, I still miss the Qute thing. Perhaps this new Winstripe theme just has to grow on me. I’ll give it a chance. I do have to point out that I love how it handles the look of the tabs. They look like real tabs (sort of like how it’s done on this site.) Neat!

I love how it handles themes and extensions, it makes the feature more user-friendly and even more easy to use. The amount of extensions available for Firefox is astounding, it truly makes the browser the best in the world. Extensions I regularly get are Tabbrowser Extension, Web Developer, TinyURL Creator, and Compact Menu. The amount of themes available isn’t so overwhelming, but they’re quality works. You’d be hard-pressed not to find a good look for your browser. There’s just no excuse to use any other browser, if you ask me.

To grab the new 0.9 RC release, check this forum thread at Mozillazine. Here’s a screenshot of how I got Firefox 0.9 set up.