There’s a simple little fix that prevent webpages from resizing your Firefox browser that I put in every time. There’s nothing I hate more than a website that resizes my whole browser to the size of a 40×40 ad, forcing me to expand it back to my regular 1024×768 size. It’s a very easy method and doesn’t require a information assurance degree to figure out.

Easy Method: At top on the menu, choose Tools, then click Options. Go to the Content tab, and to the right of Enable Javascript is the Advanced button. Click that and uncheck the selection “Move or resize existing windows”.

Firefox 2.0 Preferences

Note: Personally, I like to disable all options in this window for best result as it prevent websites from controlling my browser’s behavior.

Hard Method: In the address bar type about:config and hit Enter. Do a search for resize. You will see dom.disable_window_move_resize. Right click that and choose Modify. In the box that pops up, type true and hit OK.