I got my Bubba Ho-Tep Signature Edition soundtrack CD in the mail today, and I’m listening to it right now. I absolutely loved the movie, which was bizarre, heart-felt, and compelling. Bruce Campbell was at his best, and he did a true Elvis impersonation that at some times I thought it was really him. I never cared much for Elvis, thinking Jerry Lee Lewis is the real King of Rock n’ Roll, but this movie helped me appreciate him much more. Anyone that moves the beauty of rock n’ roll forward gets a big thumbs up from me.

The CD contains 30 tracks, has notes and biography by the composer and director of the film, and is signed by both the composer, Brian Tyler, and director, Don Coscarelli. The music is haunting, inspiring, and driving; ranging from western, rock, metal, and orchestral. I’m going to burn the CD into my music collection with iTunes’ Lossless format to save wear and tear on the CD itself.