After waiting for over 4 years for the third sequel to the Thief series, it is finally out, and Gamespot got a review out. It’s disappointing a bit because it is a precious game premise that was executed so well the first two times. To do it a third time, by a different group of people, made me a little fearful how it would turn out. However it looks like they captured the gameplay of the previous series, while upholding the substandard graphics as well. There’s no excuse today in the PC gaming arena to have graphics that look over 3 years old.

Games like Half-Life, Doom/Quake, and Unreal pushed the high end systems in the past, yet were still immensely successful, so why are developers so timid and use substandard graphics? Because they want to cater to the console crowd. This means PC gamers are left with a crappy product because the console gamers are still stuck in 2001 with their Xbox’s, Playstation 2’s, and Gamecubes. PC developers are more interested in making vast amount of money, not providing superb gameplay the furthers the industry.

As a PC gamer, I’m sick of consoles holding back the PC industry. PC developers should focus on PC gaming, not money and consoles, and they’ll be rewarded by the legions of unforgettable loyalty of PC gamers who’ll always buy their products. Porting from the PC to the consoles is fine, because then the consoles don’t miss out on anything, but when they port from the consoles to the PC, PC gamers get the shaft. After Daikatana, the joke that is Deus Ex 2, and now Thief 3, Ion Storm has lost my respect, therefore my money.