I’m quite fond of war movies, not because I glorify the violence, but because it helps me appreciate what I have today in America based on the sacrifice, courage, and willpower of the men that gone to war. To protect what we take for granted today. I got the Band of Brothers DVD collection, which is the 10 episodes, plus bonus footage of the Easy Company men that were portrayed in the series.

I just got finished watching all 10 episodes (took me a week) and I’m just amazed. Amazed at how much the men had to go through in WWII, how cruel mankind can be when seeing how the Jews suffered in the concentration camps, and how Japan has turned around into the kind of country they are today. My grandfather, who passed away about 4 years ago, served in the Korean War, and I believe in WWII, but I’m not too sure. I’ll have to ask my grandmother and find out the details.

Found out that my grandfather was a Staff Seargent in both WWII and was also called up from reserves for the Korean War. He had a legendary story that his comrades told of them walking along a road, and discovering a shut down beer brewery. My grandfather went in and got the place up and running again, and the whole company celebrated that night with good fresh beer. The CO was especially pleased.