There’s a story on CNN about the former pro football player, Pat Tillman, who went on to join the Army and became a Ranger after giving up a $3.2 million contract to join the forces. I was reading that he was killed in Afghanistan today, while fittingly Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It is playing on iTunes. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on the whole matter. It’s getting tiresome to see these militant radicals that don’t represent their country nor their beliefs killing people in the name of some excuse they’ve dugged up. The fact that a man gave up millions to serve his country means that some people truly care about their own country by giving up a good life to ensure others have a better one. His sacrifice was the sacrifice for the people of Afghanistan to have a better life. Hundreds of thousands of others are also sacrificing their life, time, and sweat to do the same thing, in both Afghanistan and Iraq. They deserve our respect and support.

The same goes with the militant cleric urging a bloodbath instead of promoting peace like a real cleric should. I mean, come on, a “cleric” has no business being militant.

Honestly, this is becoming sickening and stupid how these radicals skew everything just so they can run around carrying guns and have an excuse to uphold their traditions, which include subverting women, living in the stone age, and repressing everyone with so-called leaders hell bent on power and wealth.