I’m not sure if I mentioned it on here, but I have created another website, one that can provide me freelance web design jobs. The website is called Designtopia, and I’m extremely proud of it. When designing websites over the years, I’ve encountered final results that either made me feel really good about how it ended up, or I’d feel uncomfortable with it. This site, Good Blimey, makes me a little uncomfortable. It’s not a bad thing, but this site was designed when I was teaching myself web standards, CSS, and accessibility guidelines. It served as a playground to test code out and get a feel for newfound knowledge. There may be some rough holes here and there, and unconventional codes, but it works, it’s efficient, and it’s clean. That, I am proud of. I may redesign this site when I get the urge, but for now, it’ll suffice.

Meanwhile, Designtopia just feels good to me. The color is soothing, the layout is clean and smooth, and the content is concise and helpful. While it’s not a full-time job, it does allow me to pursue my web design passion, whilst at the same time being paid for it. The whole site has been lovingly coded by hand in Notepad, and I think it’s a shining example of just how excellent web standards truly is.

By the way, WeblogReview.com reviewed this site, and they gave a very favorable review. I agreed with everything they said. It did make me proud of this site too. I’m horrible at tooting my own horn, but I feel I deserve it just this once.