There are days where I feel like they are passing by so fast, that all I can do is hang on and hope it slows down. These are the times when I feel like I’m somehow wasting my time. I have a hard time coming to terms with that because I’ve seen how big the world is, and how much I haven’t experienced yet, that I’m in a hurry to experience it all while I can. There will come a time when I do have to settle down, and I can’t have the freedoms that I enjoy now. Perhaps this is all the wrong way I’m looking at it. Maybe I’m just hyper and always want to spring into action. Running isn’t enough. Or maybe I’m just being prevaricate.

I think living out in the country has changed me somewhat. For example, I’ve shaved my head, and am listening to a lot of rockabilly lately. Just don’t expect me to be concomitant at a barn dance. That doesn’t mean I can’t make fun of and put down rednecks anymore, because I’ll never become a part of that lifestyle, but it’s interesting nevertheless how quickly I’ve changed my tastes.