Reading this story on Yahoo about the large ISP’s going after hundreds of spammers actually for once makes you want to like Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo. With the new Can Spam law in effect, these companies are taking advantage of the situation to go after the scums of the internet. Hooray for these companies, they get my vote of support (for now.)

” The companies said the defendants include some of the nation’s most notorious large-scale spammers. The Internet providers � collectively with tens of millions of subscribers � said they shared information, resources and investigative information to identify some of the defendants.”

Oh and in case anyone wants to kick these guys in the shin if discovered at the grocery store or something:

” Among the named defendants were Davis Wolfgang Hawke of Medfield, Mass., whom AOL lawyers said also is known as Dave Bridger, and Braden Bournival of Manchester, N.H. They and others were accused of sending millions of e-mails offering weight loss supplements, handheld devices called “personal lie detectors” and other products.”