Actually Best Buy seem to not even know their own policy, or don’t enforce it on any levels unless it suits their own needs. were an affiliate with Best Buy, but were dumped with no explanation. The owner of contacted an Affiliate Program Manager (read: lowly press relations manager) and was told it was the word “ass” in the address. Further digging showed that Best Buy sells numerous products with the word “ass” in it. This is a classic case of a large company pushing out the little guy, wasting time and effort, all because they are after the bottomline: large piles of $$$. Look, if you’re a company, you support the grassroots effort, the people that support you, the ones that make your business a better place. Stepping on them will only earn you a bad name among the niche of people you’ve stepped on — in this case, gamers.

Infinium Labs has done the same thing, by trying to play hardball with Little did they know, HardOCP lives to play hardball and won’t take no crap from anybody, no matter how large you are. Now HardOCP is going after Infinium Labs, and there are a ton of gamers trash talking Infinium Labs. Why? Because Infinium Labs stepped on the very people that will likely buy their products. Gamers don’t forgive very easily – we’re a picky bunch, and if you don’t do things right, and treat us like dirt, we’re going to make you pay out of the ass. Sorry, couldn’t resist.