Oh, the irony! A New Jersey woman is countersuing the RIAA for using scare tactics similar to how gangs of organized crime utilizes. This woman was accused by the RIAA of file-sharing, and she intends to fight back. It should be very interesting to see the conclusion of this lawsuit, as it could put a damper on the RIAA (or just stir a hornet’s nest.)

“This scare tactic has caused a vast amount of settlements from individuals who feared fighting such a large institution and feel victim to these actions and felt forced to provide funds to settle these actions instead of fighting,” Scimeca’s attorney, Bart Lombardo, wrote in documents filed with a New Jersey federal court. “These types of scare tactics are not permissible and amount to extortion.”

This comes on the heels of the RIAA suing 531 more “John Doe’s”, people whose IP was recorded, but haven’t been named yet. Due to a legal ruling not too long ago, the RIAA must file suits in court before it can approach Internet service providers (ISPs) for information that links alleged file-swapping evidence to the subscriber names on a given ISP account. When you look at the whole picture, the RIAA are jumping through a lot of hoops, and frankly it’s in their own interests, not the artists. Source: 3DGPU