Wired News: Blogs Pump Bucks Into Campaigns is an article that takes a look at a new phenomenon, in which Democrats are seeking a new avenue to receive money to win elections. Democratic congressional candidate Ben Chandler’s campaign manager started paying for ads on political blogs that leaned way over to the left, and it turned into a money-machine for them. Chandler didn’t even know what a blog is, until now, saying, “It’s that thing that brings in money.”

Correction, a blog is a site where people get together to read the thoughts of a person or persons. In some cases, a community is created, and people visit often to discuss their thoughts, and hear others’ out. It’s not a thing that brings in money. Political blogs, in most cases, are formed to force their opinion on people and try to convert those that don’t agree with them. Quite similar to the Crusades, when Christians tried to convert many into their religion forcefully.

But, hey, if this it the only way the Democrats can win – by screaming off names of states, starting off every sentence with “Well, I was in the military …” or asking bloggers for money, then so be it. Just know, for every desperate pathetic Democrat, there are 10 better Republicans. ;)