I’m making a Texas-influenced chili that smells heavenly as it cooks right now. It contains 3 pounds of sirloin chopped into medium-sized chunks, which was seared in a pot, then onions, garlic, jalapeno peppers, and chili powder were thrown in. Note the dark Amber Bock beer in this picture. Then cumin, oregano, salt, and pepper was added, as well as 2 large tomatoes diced up. Remember the Amber Bock beer? I poured a whole 12oz. bottle of it in the pot. Then I took some fantastic chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, chopped it up, and threw it in the pot too. This is what it looks like after it cooks for a little while, and this is what it looks like with red and green bell peppers added (they replace kidney beans, which I don’t like.) I can’t wait to try it, the house smells fantastic right now. Once served in a big bowl, freshly chopped up cilantro and green onions will garnish the top.

Oh yes, and the new cutting board, food processor, and knives are all a treat to work with. The cutting board is especially nice, as it’s a lot easier for me to work with vegetables and meat, chopping them up. If you haven’t yet, invest in a nice big wooden cutting board, it really helps a lot (and not one of those cheap plastic or glass ones, either.)