From Pug’s Place, is a hilarious geekism from a Slashdotter taken from the latest Ask Slashdot column:

Love (Score:5, Insightful)
by LamerX (164968) on Saturday February 07, @01:38PM

Being a lonely geek myself, I would say that I would be happy just getting to spend my day with a girl I love. The only thing that I would ever want would be her company for that day. There is no material object on the planet that would make me as happy as just getting to spend time someone I love. Just to hold her in my arms, and enjoy her company. Maybe sitting out in a park bench in the middle of the night looking out over a lake at the cityscape.”

Re:Love (Score:5, Funny)
by aanand (705284) on Saturday February 07, @01:44PM

Not even an iPod? Dude, they’ve got 40GB ones now.”