As I learn more and more about web design, as I visit more sites on the internet, I find myself stumbling across sites that makes me absolutely green with envy. I find myself asking, “Why? Why? Why?!?!”, because they have come up with something that appeals to me, yet I didn’t think of before. Here are some sites that stand out in that regard:

  • Antipixel

    Jeremy Hedley is an absolute god-like deity when it comes to beautiful, and meaningful pictures. He lives in Japan, and his pictures make you easily believe that Japan is the most beautiful, and exotic, place on the planet Earth. His writings are splendid, and fascinating to read. Not to mention his site design is inspirational and refreshing. This site, along with a few others, inspires me to continue learning to be better. Be sure to visit his photo gallery.

  • Whitespace

    Like good Italian food, Whitespace relies on simplicity and minimalism to convey beauty and focus on the content. We humans tend to over-complicate many things in life, and when we discover a rare gem that just feels right, that’s minimalism at its finest. Some people think simplicity means lack of talent, but it’s the total opposite. It requires intelligent skill to realize how the eye moves and coordinates as it moves across the monitor, to make it focus on a particular section, and above all, be comfortable. A comfortable site is more appealing than a busy site.

  • 1976Designs

    Dunstan’s blog is home to some of the finest writings, intriguing beyond words. To make it worse, the design is stunning and full of little touches here and there that makes the site inherently usable, and fun to surf around on. From the colors, to resources that designers find extremely useful, this site is the ultimate blog. Don’t even get me started on the header graphic, which can just be summed up in one word: genius.

These are all sites that makes you envious, asking yourself, “Can I ever be this talented?” Of course, there’s only one way to find out, but sometimes one can never learn fast enough.