I know I’m not going to win any sympathies with this post, but I thought I’d share it anyhow. To begin with my story, let me start at the beginning. I’ve always been skinny my whole life. In middle school, I nearly didn’t make the team because I didn’t meet a minimum weight requirement set by the coach. I ate a lot of Vienna sausages everyday to gain 5lbs. within 2 weeks. In high school, I didn’t make the basketball team because I was too scrawny. I thought I’d never gain weight.

Now fast forward to now, I’m about to turn 25 years old. Around late December, I went to the doctors for a swollen infection on my face caused by the abscess tooth. They weighed me in at 152lbs. (I’m 5’8″ by the way.) 3 weeks later I went in for another check up, and I weighed in at 162lbs. That freaked me out like you wouldn’t believe, but my roommate wasn’t surprised, pointing out that I’ve been making cream cheese/feta cheese/cottage cheese dips a lot during that 3 week period. What can I say? They make great snacks with Townhouse crackers.

Apparently my days of getting away with anything I eat are over. I am now doing something that is foreign and scary to me – shopping for food with reduced fat or fat-free labels. I don’t like it one bit. I don’t mind being mature and responsible as an adult, but that’s one thing I don’t like being mature and responsible about! Luckily though, I’ve become more smart with the things I cook and eat. I’ve noticed lately I’ve been sometimes cooking meals a vegetarian would be proud to eat. This wasn’t an intentional thing on my part, I’ve just somehow started leaning toward more healthier meals, long before I realized I can gain weight.

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