I’ve been seeing questions that are loaded, and that really makes me think what my answer would be. Here are some:

  1. Would you rather live forever, or die happy?
  2. Who is the smartest – Einstein, Shakespeare, Mozart, or Jesus?
  3. Would you abort a baby if you knew it was going to be born retarded?
  4. Has Christianity made the world a better place?
  5. Which would you rather lose – the ability to reproduce or the ability to orgasm?
  6. Would you give the police significantly more power if it would lower crime?
  7. Would you rather that your DNA outlived you, through children, or that your creative works were remembered?

I’m thinking that if you were to present these questions to your family, and hear their answers, it would dramatically change your thoughts about each person. These questions tend to flesh out a person. Just for your information, here are my answers: Live forever, Shakespeare, no, yes, orgasm, yes, creative works remembered.

[Listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Fortune Faded (3:20)]

Update: I posted this question in my forums at 3DGPU, and got some great responses.