Reading the title, you’d think some girlfriend from the past has showed up at my doorstep or something, but I quite literally mean a flame from the past. Back in 2000, I worked on a hardware site called GA-Hardware (now dead, as well as the network it was based on, Gamer’s Alliance). During that time, I had my hands full, running, GA-Hardware, and eUniverseGames (dead too). This was around the time when the chaos was taking place, which is exactly why the GA Network died and I didn’t get a paycheck anymore.

Anyways, back to the story. Working at these sites, I would check my mail, and post the news from sites that sent in their news. I relied on good faith, that the news they sent me was legit. I visited a majority of the site, checked the content, making sure I wasn’t posting a link to an amateur site with no skills or information. Some I didn’t have time for, and this one site decided to abuse my trust.

This article flamed me, and big time. It was written back in May of 2000, so it’s a little old. It’s hilarious to stumble on something through Google, and see someone flame you for something you did years ago. Caution though, the articles has a lot of cursing, and the guy who wrote it was clearly a homophobe.