The creators of the fantastic Zempt blogging tool has created a fantastic new plugin for iTunes for Windows, that lets you display what you’re playing in blog posts. Minimal Verbosity introduces WMPtunelog; it is very simple to use and install. Just download it, install it, close both iTunes and Zempt (if they’re open), then restart them both. Now click the music icon and it now displays what you’re listening to in your blog post. You can see an example of how it can look below.

This also works on other blog updating tools like w.bloggar, but I personally favor Zempt out of them all. Zempt doesn’t destory my posts, or crash as often as the other programs do. It’s surprisingly stable and feature-rich – a few times w.bloggar went to make a post and it didn’t, and I would have to retype the post.

[Listening to: The Darkness – Love Is Only a Feeling (4:20)]