Month: January 2004

New MyDoom Worm Spreading Fast

CNN has a news story up with details on the threat that the new MyDoom worm is posing to emails everywhere. If you’ve received an email with “The message cannot be represented in 7-bit ASCII encoding and has been sent as a binary attachment.” or something similar with an attachment, that is the MyDoom worm….

Playing X2: The Threat

Over the weekend, I’ve been playing this new space simulator game called X2: The Threat. It is a beautiful game, sporting all the latest bells and whistles in 3D graphics, and it is as complex and complicated as a full-blown flight simulator. Every key on the keyboard has a function in the game. It took…

The Passion Of The Christ Review

Update 02/25/04: For those of you coming in from Google, or other search engines, if you want more reviews, a lot are listed at Rotten Tomatoes. Douglas Tennapel, famous for his works on Earthworm Jim (one of my all time favorites), The Neverhood, and more, has posted an in-depth review of the controversial, but certainly…

MT-Blacklist Updated To 1.63

Just saw that Jay Allen has updated the fantastic plugin for Movabletype, MT-Blacklist, to version 1.63. This version supports the latest version of Movabletype 2.661, and incorporates these changes/additions: Fully compatible with Movable Type version 2.661 Added arbitrary text/regexp to despam search Added NO FILTER to despam search to get LastN comments/trackbacks If you’re using…