Update 02/25/04: For those of you coming in from Google, or other search engines, if you want more reviews, a lot are listed at Rotten Tomatoes.

Douglas Tennapel, famous for his works on Earthworm Jim (one of my all time favorites), The Neverhood, and more, has posted an in-depth review of the controversial, but certainly interesting film by Mel Gibson, The Passion Of The Christ. The movie isn’t finished yet, so he is providing his thoughts on a non-final release. The review contains a few spoilers, but they are pointed out beforehand, so you can skip over them. Here’s a bit from the review:

“The Christ pictures of recent can’t just tell the story. They seem to need to fix things, make Jesus not raise from the dead, make him the lover of Mary Magdalene, make him whatever. But Gibson leans on the simplicity of the original story. He’s not shackled to the scriptures, because he boldly throws in details here and there that blend with the original story. He’s respectful, but he’s not afraid. This is a movie that secular Hollywood could not make, but it’s also a movie that the Christian community could not make either.”

The page the review is on has an adult ad at the bottom depicting a woman in skimpy bikini. It stands out of place on a page where a guy is reviewing a movie based on Jesus. So if this movie turns out to be a success (and success can go two ways here), will we be flooded with religion movies by Hollywood, desperate to opt in on a new cash cow? Now that would be ironic.