Yahoo News reports the RIAA is getting busy again, this time suing 532 people. The only problem is that they have no idea who they’re suing. They’ve labelled each person they’re suing as “John Doe”. The RIAA are looking more and more like the scared bunny rabbit facing an oncoming truck, frozen by the bright beams, inevitably to be ran over. This is the digital music revolution, either work with it, or move out of the way. Suing people won’t be the solution to the problem, all it is doing is slowing down the bleeding, but eventually they’re going to run out of blood to thrive on.

” The RIAA said that after its lawyers discover the identity of each defendant, they will contact each person to negotiate a financial settlement before amending the lawsuit to formally name the defendant and, if necessary, transfer the case to the proper courthouse. Settlements in previous cases have averaged $3,000 each.”

I hope they don’t end up suing a bunch of 12 year old girls again. I doubt they’ll be so lucky.