I discovered a treasure not too long ago, from someone who has created non-stop mixes of popular ambient songs, called Ambient Nights. They are seperated into CD’s, and right now it is up to CD 8, with CD 9 being in the works.

What is amazing is the level of quality of the mixes, the songs, and the community of people sharing the beautiful music. We can all argue the legal ramifications of sharing our music, but we cannot deny that it opens up a world of music to a whole new generation. That generation is mine, and those who came before me. For example, I never was into reggae, until a friend uploaded me a mp3 of Bob Marley’s song, Three Little Birds. Because of that, I have become a big fan of reggae and Bob Marley. I probably would’ve never gotten into reggae if it weren’t for the people in the world sharing what they enjoy.

I’m all for supporting the artists, and I do go out and buy the CD’s, or even purchase the tracks I want through iTunes. I believe the digital music revolution is creating a whole new appreciation towards music – genres of music I never heard of, are now being explored and experienced. Ambient is a new genre for me that I absolutely love listening to; it is perfect while working, or for any other occasion. It is relaxing, beautiful, and wholesome. If you love ambient, or want to experience it, check out Ambient Nights. It is a great way to start, and a great way to discover new music.

To download it, download the Torrents (each torrent is over 100MB), and if you don’t have a Bittorrent client yet, you can grab it here.