I’m listening to the news channels and reading articles online about this whole Iowa caucaus stuff. I have seen a lot of journalists and analysts express surprise on the findings that the vast majority of the Iowa voters stated that they were undecided and/or may change their minds on who to vote for tonight.

Why is that surprising? Nearly all of the Democrats up for elections have done nothing but attack President Bush and his policy of the war and the deficit here in the States. All of them except John Edwards. I haven’t seen him in any debates or campaigns attack Bush ruthlessly over and over again, beating a dead horse, if you will. He stated why he should be elected, and gave his own personal view points, without lowering himself by personally attacking the President. I find that horribly pathetic, and a justification as to why I consider myself a Republican.

Right now Iowans are telling themselves, “Choose the lesser evils”, when voting for these Democrats. If I had to choose between them (and thank God I don’t), I’d choose John Edwards. At least the man has stated his points, has a personality, and doesn’t lower his morales to get voted. I agree with most everything he brings up, and he seems like he knows what he wants to do, and how to help America. Here’s hoping the 15 people that live in Iowa votes for him.