Firefox Ext. – RSS Reader Panel lets you install an extension to read RSS feeds right in the sidebar if you are using Mozilla Firefox. I’ve been using an online RSS reader, and before that, FeedDemon, but I ran out of trial time, and personally don’t think I should pay for a RSS reader, even though FeedDemon is a very top-notch program. As in my site designs though, I’m big on simplicity and minimalism.

In related news, Whitespace has an excellent discussion regarding RSS feeds; whether we should offer the readers a choice between a summary, or the full post. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and it can really go both ways. I’m of the personal belief that if you can offer both choices, that empowers the users, which is what you want to do. If you’re unsure on which is best, read all the opinions of others in the discussion, mix in your own, and you’ll come up with the conclusion. A lot like baking a cake, eh?