Design By Fire sparked (sorry) a little project to redesign the search results page of Google, and they’ve provided an example of their work. I thought I’d dive in and give it a shot, and here’s my redesign of Google. The page ix XHTML valid, with valid CSS code, and weighs in at 23.1kb.

The emphasis I am going for is usability. Since Google is used by a truckload of people, and then some, you want to keep it as smooth as possible for visitors. I’m never fond of the pure white background, as it can get blinding after a while, especially if you’ve been at the computer for a while. The background from my redesign is soothing and should give Google a new feel. I gave enough whitespace to make everything easy to follow, and I’m quite fond of the line-height: 1.4em for text. I made minimal changes to the original markup, instead focusing on using CSS to redesign the page.

Feedback, of course, is always welcome.