Normally I don’t get too politically involved, because it’s a quagmire you’re likely to get stuck in and end up coming up short on oxygen. However, I read a story that is amusing, at best. Former Treasury Secretary, Paul O’Neill, attacked President Bush in Ron Suskind’s upcoming book, “The Price of Loyalty“, which will be released in a couple of days.

In the book, O’Neill made statements attacking President Bush, stating that administration officials discussed plans to go to war with Iraq as early as their first weeks in office. He also compares Bush as “a blind man in a room full of deaf people.” CNN did mention that O’Neill, the former CEO of aluminum giant Alcoa, was fired in December 2002 over differences with the administration’s tax cuts. Interesting, yes?

Now my question to Mr. O’Neill is that if he felt so strongly that President Bush is that horrible, why is he President, and Mr. O’Neill isn’t? If he can do a better job, why isn’t he President? President Bush is making important decisions everyday, doing his job, and waking up to a heavy responsibility everyday, while Mr. O’Neill is doing what? Oh yes, attacking President Bush with statements to be put in a book. Very clever, but most people will see that thick scent of jealousy wafting over them when they read his remarks. Bob Dole said it best, “I mean, there’s always somebody in somebody’s administration who jumps out early, sells a book, and goes after the guy who hired him,” Dole told CNN. “I don’t know if that’s good. It may be good business; it’s not good politics.”