I love food. I especially love good food. I eat a lot. Sometimes I’m accused by online friends of always eating everytime I talk to them. They’re always hearing from me, “brb, getting some food.” I also love having the finest quality in my food. If it calls for mincing up some basil, I’ll go get fresh basil and mince it up, taking my time to get the right consistency and bringing the essential oils out before dumping it in the food.

I’ve found some wonderful treasures on the internet that I should share with you, in case you find them treasures as well:

  • Hot Sauce Of The Month Club – Proof that heaven exists, for I have found what I consider the gold mine of them all. An exclusive club of hot sauce lovers taste and sample constantly hot sauces from all over, and then they pick the best, which they send to you every month, the best of the best. You can buy subscriptions of 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. I’m definitely signing up for the 12 months.
  • BBQ Sauce Of The Month Club – Same as the above, except they send you 2 of the best BBQ sauces that they’ve had that month. Sauces range from unknown locals, the quirky, the gourmet, and regional favorites.
  • Highland Park Whiskey – Arguably the best whiskey one can buy. The flavor can be best described as malty toffee, fudge and chocolate enriching the heather-honey sweetness and aromatic peatiness. It isn’t cheap, but one should never drink cheap whiskey. I had a little bit a few years back, and have been dying for more ever since. A real man’s drink that makes a man … well … real.