Over at the MyOpera Forums is a forum post with a link to a downloadable preview of Opera 7.50, which features a number of nice improvements, such as:

  • User Interface Redesign
  • Panels Improved
  • New Start Panel
  • Redesigned M2 Backend (For Searching)
  • Built-In Aggregator
  • Opera Chat (har!)
  • Spell Checker
  • Anti-spam Filter For Opera Mail
  • Ability To Override Stylesheets

Very nice! Tons more changes were made, and additions. I’ve checked out Good Blimey with the browser, and everything is in place properly, except one small glitch (which IE6 shares). No big deal. I really like the new interface, really slick. The browser is still fast, and has a small memory footprint. The left sidebar is really intuitive, and doesn’t distract you. Overall I’m really liking the new Opera browser, and for a preview and beta build, it’s quite solid. I’ve posted a screenshot you can check out.