Cybersquatters are the people that go against the grain of what the internet is all about. They are people that buy up domains, whether it’s just one, or in bulks of hundreds. They sit on it, and when/if someone asks about it, they try to exhort money from them for the domain.

Ubisoft had to go through this, when posters in the popular Xbox and PC game, Splinter Cell, had an internet address on them. Some guy, Tony Ashcraft of Texas, saw that it wasn’t registered, bought it up, and put up a bunch of porn links on it to make money (and more than likely $5 a month, anyways) — thus taking advantage of the people who played the game and decided to visit the site, thinking it’ll provide information on the game.

This is not what the internet was made for, people! The internet was made to propagate information, to create a community, and to discover new things you never knew, and even have fun. Not to take advantage of people to make sleazy money. What’s even more pathetic is that the people who degenerate themselves so low on the moral scale don’t realize just how scummy they really are, or even care. This is what happens when a mother doesn’t breast feed her child enough when they’re a baby. They grow up angry, mentally disfigured, and every shade of stupid this side of the moon.

Here’s hoping Ubisoft sues him for exhortion, and either make him extremely broke, or extremely lonely in jail. Want to live with your mom at the age of 30? Do stupid stunts like this against major companies.

Update: Just noticed the site has reached the 10,000 unique visitors mark. That was pretty quick, considering the site started around mid October 2003. Thanks to everyone that visit(s).